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More Good Days Than Bad

Our journey with ADHD began when he was three.

Refusing to go to nursery. Tantrums. Hiding under tables and not concentrating.

He was an amazing break-dancing donkey in his school nativity when he should have been walking Mary and Joseph to the stable!

This was when I took it upon myself to get the educational physiologist to see him. ‘Attachment disorder’ he said.

After numerous courses attended and hours and hours of reading, trying to find my little bit of hope, not one single parenting tactic worked. My mind was boggled. We were still adamant, this wasn’t it!

Jumping forward four years. There were numerous exclusions, homeschooling and no support. I was constantly reassuring him that as long as he had me that’s all that really mattered.

Even he started to feel like the world had given up on him at age seven

We saw at least five different paediatricians. This involved explaining his history over and over until eventually there was an answer. It was ADHD along with oppositional defiance disorder, anxiety and behavioural problems.

This still hasn’t quite sunk in. Although I have noticed how much support we now have. As well as how much happier he is within himself.

This doesn’t define who is he. Through all the bad he is the funniest child you could meet, along with his caring and kind ways. Not everyone gets to see those sides of him, but I do. And every little thing he does I cherish because one good thing makes up for a billion bad!

Hopefully, with continued support, we’ll have more good days than bad.  

This is definitely just the beginning.

The ADHD Diaries

We’d like to thank all the parents who have shared their experiences during ADHD Awareness Month 2017.


If you’re looking for support or more information about ADHD visit the following links:


We’re working to learn more about ADHD, and we’re currently looking for participants. If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, visit our research page to find out how you can help.

The ADHD Diaries
A collection of blogs sharing the experiences of parents of children with ADHD. – Find out more.
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