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Mae’r tudalen hon dim ond ar gael yn Saesneg ar hyn o bryd.

3MDR ar gyfer PTSD sy’n gwrthsefyll triniaeth

This study is investigating whether 3MDR therapy can reduce symptoms of PTSD in military veterans.



Very few people with mental health problems seek professional help, and this is especially true of people with experience of being in the military. Recent trials of the first-line trauma-focused interventions have shown clinically significant improvement, however poor treatment outcomes have been high and many patients continue to have symptoms.

Purpose of research

Modular Motion-assisted Memory Desensitisation and Reconsolidation (3MDR) is a new treatment that aims to reduce cognitive avoidance and augment engagement with therapy.

The purpose of the research is to determine if 3MDR therapy is able to reduce symptoms of PTSD in military veterans. The focus of the research is on people who have not responded to, or are unable to engage with, treatments that are currently available.

Who can take part?

This study is aimed at veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD, and participants will be recruited to the study through referrals made by a therapist in their health board area.

What does it involve?

  • Researcher will interview participants about their combat-related trauma. This will take 60 minutes. Participants will also be given some questionnaires to complete.
  • The 3MDR therapy will then be delivered weekly over nine weeks (two weeks preparation, six weeks 3MDR and one concluding session) by experienced psychological therapists. Participants will be randomized into two groups; group one will receive 3MDR therapy and group 2 will be a waiting list group who will receive no intervention for 12 weeks and then receive 3MDR over nine weeks.
  • The researcher will conduct the same interview and participants will be asked to complete the same questionnaires at two separate time points during the interventions.

Principal Investigator

Professor Jon Bisson, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.


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